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Alex Fear

Now, I don't side with left or right but on character and personality I'm for Barack Obama.

However you are absolutely right that they seem to have no clue. Ron Paul looks to be a dark horse contender and he also had policies which are favourable with Dem voters.

If I was an American and I was going to vote Republican I'd vote Ron Paul, in fact that would be certain if Hilary got in. She's dangerous IMHO, an easily bought backtracker with an inconsistent record.

Sure John McCain has mettle but he's the GOP version of Hilary.

Hope you don't mind my opinion.



Hey Alex Glad to hear from you and of course I don't mind your opinion! I'm undecided as of right now, simply because I haven't been following as closely as I can be. There are a couple frontrunners, though!
Obama is interesting to watch sometimes, but mostly his vibe turns me off. I agree he's good with people... there's just something about him (besides his politics which I'm not really on board with) that doesn't sit right with me.

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