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Patriot Xeno



Kath, hi
its been a while. had a quick catch up and glad you are better but gutted for you that you and royal are in different countries again. Did scotland put you off that much that you are now going to stay state side??
hope royal is well and fit after so many deployments.


Well at least you never get chance to get bored with each other. I hope you are together soon and for a decent length of time.


Charlie: haha, had to come back because of the mess that is immigration. Even before we got married we knew Royal wouldn't be in the Marines for very much longer. I love it there, we will definitely be back for many, many trips!!
Pat: We'll be together for about a month, which is not as much as we'd like, but very nice!

Old Woman Marine

Hi Kath,
I'm finally catching up with your blog. Just a few more days now until you see your Marine! I'm still facing south and waving to you from Oklahoma, though the ice storm shut us down for about a week.

Blessings to you BOTH!!

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