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And I'll bet you don't blink when you shoot:)

Patriot Xeno

and i'll bet pat posted twice again and kath just deleted it :)


No I didn't PX. Kath I've just seen 'No country for old men.' and loved it and thought of you. Have you seen it?


I haven't seen it yet, but I'd like to at some point. It's been up for a lot of awards this year. The last film I saw in the theater was P.S. I Love you - really good.
Thanks for thinking of me!

Patriot Xeno

Haha, my bad, Pat - jumped to conclusions.


AAAH! PS I Love You! Thanks. I was trying to remember where I'd seen the attractive Irish men...

Wow. I am very entertained that A) you fight with your mother over who owns the weapons and B) you have more guns than shoes.

Wow. :) A true American.

I heard that SD recently scored very low on the Brady list of States That Are Safe from Weapons--and that we're proud of it. ;)


Yeah--this: http://www.keloland.com/NewsDetail6162.cfm?Id=0,66231

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