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Patriot Xeno

USAA is pretty awesome.


Hell yeah.

Rae Anne

Squeaky wheel, sounds like a good thing in those kind of situations.

Pat  aka PI

I'm quite glad MTL deals with all that sort of thing but I feel his frustration and pain.


Rae: Squeaky wheel gets it done, but it can be hard to do. What I mean is, I have to kinda pump myself up about it because I don't want to bother people or I don't want a confrontation, etc. But man, you get used to it! I have so much more confidence in myself now!
Pat: Royal and I decided in the beginning that he would deal with the U.K. bits and I would deal with the U.S. bits... of course when he leaves I get it all! That's not to say that he did it on purpose to trick me, he'd never do that (well... no, no he wouldn't, haha) it just kinda worked out that way! Let's just say it will be very nice when we're finally settled somewhere :o)

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