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I would have thought - with Royal's profession - that he would have been top of the list of acceptability. God knows how their minds work!

Patriot Xeno

that's a bunch of crap. we have criminals streaming across the border, politicians falling all over themselves to protect them, and a freaking war hero has to wait over a year to move in with his wife.


Patriot Xeno

ok THIS time i KNOW the double comment was deleted!


Haha, yeah Xeno that was me. Well obviously me, couldn't be anybody else. Anyway.

Honestly I don't know how their minds work either. I don't want extra special treatment and I realize that not everyone has good intentions like we do, but it's hell going through it (so much money, so much time, so much stress, etc.) and we, unlike many many many others, choose to do it the right way. At the very least we should be rewarded in some way!


Aw, Kath, argh again! Yep. Just a really big ARGH!

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