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Patriot Xeno

i get that all the time


I have no doubt!


What Loretta said:)

Rae Anne

HAhah oh yeah I can totally understand that, Im dreading taking Sam around and all the girls drooling.


Rae: Don't dread it! Be proud to have him on your arm and remember - he loves Y-O-U! You'll have all your friends green with envy. :o)

Rae Anne

Thanks Kath, I definetly will remember that. =)

Politics of a Patriot

American women amaze me... It seems they have no shame these days. Ok, so I realize both you and I are American women, but I'd like to think some of us are above such behavior! But wow, just wow...


Yeah it was another one of those where I was just saying "nuh uh" or "no they didn't" or "really?!?" after every other sentence!

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