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Oakley Rhodes

Oh, I just love eggs benedict. And is that a WAFFLE on the side? Heaven!

In Portland, we have a restaurant called Zells that specializes in brunch - they make the most amazing salmon benedict!


It was a waffle and it WAS terrific! Though as nice as it was, it doesn't sound half as nice as your salmon benedict!!
Thanks for visiting the site, I love yours!


Beans, Kath, beans? Beans for breakfast? Oh my... Those eggs looked fantastic, though... Mmmm!

Patricia Mackay

I would relish all those - such variety and I love red cabbage.


Goalie: YEAH BEANS! So good, and they (obviously) eat them with almost everything! I let every item on the plate sit in the bean juice - I'm weird like that...
Pat: The cabbage was nice, I think the only thing I didn't eat much of was the potato - because everything else was so good!

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