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Politics of a Patriot

That is the sweetest story ever. :) Aww.


Thank you! We think it's pretty special (and funny!) It was good to have those memories when we were apart.


Happened upon your blog while "surfing the web". What a lovely story! Brought back fond memories of when and how I met my "Royal" at the commissary upon Camp Lejeune US Marine Corps Base, NC. We married 6 months later, and I moved "across the pond" to be with him. Now almost 5 years later, we have a beautiful almost 4 year old daughter, and one on the way. We couldn't be happier. Of course, he retires next year after 25 years in, so worry how he will handle being a civvy...lol Anyway, again, a lovely story. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!!


Hi Bellasmum and welcome! Congratulations on the upcoming little one! I love hearing how couples met, every story is a little different. I certainly worried about how Royal would handle leaving the Marines, but he's been a champ, the key for us was to remain positive and not worry about what was happening next. Are you guys planning on staying there or moving somewhere?
If you'd like to chat, just email me at in.training@hotmail.com :o)
Thanks for commenting and I truly hope everything works out the way it's supposed to for you all!


Hi, Kath! We have been on holiday and only just saw this. We aren't sure what we will be doing yet with the situation of the economy. We most likely will end up in the US one day, but just not sure when. I will definitely keep in touch.


Please do keep in touch, really enjoy hearing from people!

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