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Yes, this has become very common place over here. I watched a Panorama episode on BBC1 last year, and it was about a family (grandparents, parents, and their children...most of them grown) who have never worked a day in their life...none of them! They lived in a fairly decent house, living off benefits and were incredibly PROUD of it. They were doing much better than people who were out working their bums off to make a decent living. It was absolutely disgusting!!


I know, while I was living and working over there my co-workers would be speaking about this problem. Even my husband's sister ran into a situation where she could get more for sitting at home with her baby than for going back to work (after something like 9 months paid maternity leave). She has gone back to work - a moral victory for her at least!
Thanks for commenting, I love hearing from across the pond :o)

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