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It's so untypical of the Guards to lose their cool but like anybody else I guess they have bad days.
Naughty Royal!


I know, you almost never hear of a guard retaliating. They are generally extremely self controlled (which is amazing to me!)
Yup, those Royal Marines and Army/Navy guys tangle from time to time -- usually all in good fun!


My hubby actually said this guy will definitely get reprimanded for that...the guard that is. What that other guy was doing was annoying, but definitely not a good reason to leave his post. He said people have done worse! What he did was not representing the Queen's Guard in a very good light. If the job is starting to get to him, he needs to transfer to somewhere else.


Marci, I'm sure your hubby is right. I can't see this guard receiving a pat on the back from his superiors (publicly, that is. Privately I imagine all his buddies are buying him pints! It must be a difficult, stressful - and for the most part boring - job.) What is that saying... hours of boredom followed by moments of sheer terror...

That is why I was so surprised while reading the comments, I expected the British public to be upset with the guard and instead they were cheering him on!

Thanks for commenting, Marci!

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