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David M

The Argylls and Sutherland Highlanders are from my neck of the woods.
In fact, in this episode, theres a scene where you see one guy carrying a mate who'd been shot in the foot, to the general hilarity of his mates.
The guy doing the carrying is from my home town!

The Argylls, who traditionally recruit from Argyll and the West highlands, seem to be working with the Royal Highland Fusiliers, traditionally a Glasgow regiment.
What this means is that you have hundreds of heavily armed Weegies running around Afghanistan calling everyone they meet a f***in c**t.
Quite what our coalition partners make of this is anyones guess.


Hiya David! Yes, we come from very different cultures! :o)
It's funny, the first time I ever heard the word tw*t out loud was from the mouth of a very drunk Englishman! Not directed at me, just so everyone knows, but shocking just the same - haha. What's even better is that for some reason he felt the need to spell it which came out as T-W-A-A-T-T. Twice.
But I'm quite the innocent girl, I'm sure most of the coalition members are used to the salty language!
Really glad you commented, I like hearing from people who know the topic at hand!

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