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Bournemouth is hubby's hometown, so we came up for his b-day. Saw this yesterday and it was fantastic!! I loved when 2 Red Arrows made a heart with an arrow in the sky. Beautiful! My favorite part was the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, with a WWII Lancaster being escorted by a Spitfire and a Hurricane. It gave me chills to see it (Lancaster).


Hey! My hubby grew up in Bournemouth as well! What a funny coincidence :o)
I would dearly love to see the air show - maybe someday. Most definitely someday.
Hope you are both well!


We are doing very well. Hubby just extended again for 2 more years. I told him I think 27 years is enough. I think he is just delaying the inevitable, as he can't stand the thought of being a civy. lol Our 2 daughters are doing well, too. The oldest loved the air show, while the youngest screamed bloody murder when the Red Arrows would swoop over top of us. Definitely plan to attend one day. It is worth it. Hope you both are doing well, also. xx


What part of Bournemouth did your hubby grow up in? Mine grew up in the Turbary Park area. It is definitely a small world!

Hip Hostess

My husband's company had the Red Arrows at their their Summer party last year and it was amazing to see. Very cool picture!


Marci: He grew up not far from Bournemouth pier. It's a really cool area! It IS a small world! How crazy :o)

HipH: I can't wait to see them... one of these days!

Tim Bullen Photogrpaher

glad you like my photos of the red arrows in fowey with the rainbow.
Tim Bullen photographer.


Like, ha. They are incredible!

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